Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is a good age to start martial arts training?

There are many benefits to martial arts training for every age. At High Performance Martial Arts, we begin at age 2 years old because we believe in the importance of exposing our students to the discipline of Martial arts at an early age. Our objective at this age is teaching our students how to listen, how to follow directions and how to try their best. We teach eye focus, body focus and mind focus and introduce age specific drills so that they can gain confidence and learn in a positive and encouraging environment.

How often should we attend classes?

At High Performance Martial Arts, our programs and class schedules are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's active families. We have memberships for students to attend unlimited classes, 2 classes per week or 1 class per week. We recommend 2 classes per week but consistency is the most important factor.

What kind of Martial Arts Programs do you offer?

At High Performance Martial Arts, we offer a full line of programs from Tiny Tots, Children, Teens, Adults, and Family Classes, as well as Summer Camps and Holiday Camps and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Competition Training class.

What should I wear?

For your Trial class, please wear something comfortable that you can freely move around in. We don’t wear shoes in class. Once you register, you will receive a white uniform to wear in class.

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